About Us

Old photo of the Habre family in their first office

We put the world at your feet!

     Shoe Mill operates fine footwear retail stores that specialize in quality shoes and accessories. We are a Pacific Northwest based company. Our first store opened here in October 1978. We have been operating out of Portland, Oregon for over 40 years. Our 40 plus years of success are a result of the vision, hard work, and dedication of a husband and wife team. They grew our business from a single store into a most trusted, independently owned shoe retailer in the Pacific Northwest.

     We offer a unique mix of merchandise—the envy of the industry—because we have combined many of the most sought after brands, gleaning exclusive products from exceptional manufacturers worldwide. But, popular fashion is not our only aim, as a company who genuinely cares for the foot health of our valued clientele. We maintain the long-standing purpose to fit our customers properly. Our sterling reputation has made us the single largest doctor referral shoe resource in the Greater Portland/Salem Metropolitan area. We are perceived by the medical profession as more than just a shoe store. We truly care about foot health.

     This commitment to proper fit, combined with an interest in spreading this concept to other merchants, has resulted in company President Ed Habre being elected to the office of Chairman of the National Shoe Retailers Association (NSRA). When Ed was chairman of the NSRA Education Committee, he served as official liaison to the “When The Shoe Fits” educational program. Joining with the Pedorthic Footwear Association and the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, they taught educational seminars teaching the art of proper shoe fitting. The program is presented nationwide to shoe retailers.

Our commitment to quality footwear has resulted in Shoe Mill being named National Retailer of the Year by several internationally known shoe manufacturers. More importantly, we want to earn the distinction of being YOUR shoe retailer of the year, every year.